About Encore Analytics

Encore Analytics, LLC was founded by the creative minds that brought you wInsight and Risk+, two incredibly successful software tools used for the proactive management of complex projects. After Deltek acquired C/S Solutions in 2006, Gary Troop and Jim Price took sabbaticals to pursue independent personal interests. Gary took on part-time roles as a professor at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and as a management consultant with Humphreys & Associates (H&A). Jim Price pursued new technologies related to browser-based computing and Apple's iPhone/iPad devices, which led him to develop a number of successful applications for those platforms.

Gary's work with DAU and H&A provided key insight into rapidly changing requirements for project management analytics and alerted him that software vendors were not updating their tools to meet changing market demands. Further, it was apparent that Microsoft Windows-based third-party applications were increasingly unacceptable on both government and industry desktop computers due to IT mandates. As a result, Gary and Jim partnered again to develop a rich browser-based solution to project management analytics. Encore Analytics' new software application, "Empower", was designed from the ground up to require only a browser on the client computer, yet still provide a rich interactive user interface to empower Control Account Managers, Program Managers and government oversight organizations with the critical information needed to successfully manage complex programs.

Since the first release of Empower in October of 2012, the software has been adopted by government agencies such as NASA, the Intelligence Community (IC), DoE Laboratories, and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) for its power, ease-of-use and ease of deployment. Commercial contractors large and small have also adopted Empower as the tool of choice for program analytics, streamlining the monthly business rhythm, improving the quality of contract deliverables and anticipating the focus of data-driven audits. The founders of Encore Analytics have continued their tradition of close interaction with their customer base to expand and enhance the usefulness of the software. The organization takes great pride in how rapidly new features are incorporated into the software and the company’s best-in-class customer support.

Encore Analytics is a verified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Empower™ features an attractive and powerful user interface that provides immediate productivity gains for control account managers, program managers, support staff, and oversight organizations.

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